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Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics
Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics


Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics is a captivating collaboration between two prominent figures in the Indian music scene, DIVINE and Karan Aujla. Released with an electrifying blend of hip-hop beats and Punjabi folk elements, this track offers an exciting fusion of contemporary sounds and traditional melodies. Produced by Trox and Samarei, and mixed and mastered by Frank Socorro, Hanish Taneja, and Yeah Proof, “Bole Ek Khokha Do” stands as a testament to the creative prowess of its creators.

bole ek khoka do do khoka chaar
20 kaali gaadi 100 bande mere sath
on a low karna 100 mili paar
ek mili, do mili, teen mili, chaar aane do

ye hote pareshan
chalta mera naam jaisa chalta mera kaam aane do
ek khokha, do khokha, teen khokha, chaar
kal c dubai nal sheikh v c
kyi ohto baad mai columbia flight fad lyi

jithe java othe yaar hi kamaaye jatt ne
tenu lagda k paise di kamayi kar lyi
chaal jatt di slow ture torra’n taur nal
kalla kalla putt ture torra’n taur nal yeah they know
meri kithe tak maar akhan vicho parh lva banda mile saar

mangey jhanjara di jodi ehio masla
ghodi mangdi badama ala tasla
baahla manga na swaad na swaadi aa
asi rotia achaara’n de hi aaadi aa
gaddi meri low munde high har vaar
jithe java naal vdda bai har vaar yeah they know

meri kithe tak maar akhan vicho parh lva banda mile saar
bole ek khoka do do khoka chaar
20 kaali gaadi 100 bande mere sath
on a low
karna 100 mili paar ek mili, do mili, teen mili, chaar

khule mein fukna kia six mein landing
gunjee kala rakhte all black forces matching
music pehla rakhte humse hota nahi acting
hum paisa udate fir bolte fashion

ha! sahi mein hood se jaise ghar mein ration
tere baap k belt sa har verse is slaaping
extra daant hai tujh mein isliye karta cappin’
hum gaadi udatate south film ki action

kabhi khau galli kabhi chakhte hum bastian
na kiya shadi shows fir bhi bahot hai cashing
brother what’s really cracking hum jaise hum fly
patiyala with manala hum waise bhi high

ocb mein yaha udte videshi dawai
mai wo gehra poora sapna hu jo tujhe satayae
tujhe pata hai bhai tu kitna paani mein
dikki k alawa bhi samaan hota gadi mein

har din yaha diwali hai
gehra nala tere niche sabko pata hai, tu jaali hai
hum paise bhi kama liye

Song100 Million
Artist & LyricsDIVINE, Karan Aujla
Music ProductionTrox, Samarei
Mixed byFrank Socorro, Hanish Taneja, Yeah Proof
Mastered byFrank Socorro
A&RNavjosh Singh

Lyrical Explanation: Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics

The lyrics of “Bole Ek Khokha Do” delve into themes of ambition, hustle, and perseverance. DIVINE and Karan Aujla, both known for their poignant lyricism, deliver verses that reflect the realities of striving for success in the face of adversity. The title itself, “Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics” encapsulating the essence of the song’s message – the importance of putting in the work and reaping the rewards.

DIVINE’s verses are characterized by his trademark blend of gritty storytelling and introspection. He paints vivid pictures of urban life, weaving narratives of struggle and triumph. Karan Aujla’s contributions add a layer of authenticity, drawing from his own experiences and upbringing. Together, their bole ek khokha do khokha lyrics create a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners from diverse backgrounds.

The chorus of the bole ek khokha do khokha lyrics serves as a rallying cry, urging listeners to keep pushing forward despite the challenges they may face. It’s a reminder that success is earned through hard work and determination, echoing the sentiments of perseverance that run throughout the track.

Melodic Brilliance: Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics

Musically, “Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics” is a masterclass in fusion. The production seamlessly blends hip-hop beats with traditional Punjabi instrumentation, creating a dynamic soundscape that is both modern and rooted in tradition. Trox and Samarei’s production is characterized by its infectious energy, driving the song forward with pulsating rhythms and catchy melodies.

The use of Punjabi folk elements adds a layer of richness to the track, providing a cultural anchor for the lyrics to resonate against. From the haunting flute melodies to the rhythmic dhol beats, every element of the music contributes to the song’s overall impact.

DIVINE and Karan Aujla’s delivery further enhances the melodic brilliance of “Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics” Their cadence and flow are impeccably matched to the music, creating a seamless fusion of vocals and instrumentation. Whether trading verses or coming together for the anthemic chorus, their chemistry is undeniable, elevating the song to greater heights.

Conclusion: Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics

“Bole Ek Khokha Do Lyrics” is more than just a song – it’s a statement of resilience and determination. DIVINE and Karan Aujla’s collaboration is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and inspire change. With its thought-provoking lyrics, infectious melodies, and dynamic production, this track cements its place as a modern classic in the Indian music landscape. As listeners immerse themselves in its soundscape, they’re reminded of the importance of chasing their dreams and never giving up, no matter the obstacles they may face.