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Jeena Sikha De Lyrics
Jeena Sikha De Lyrics

Introduction: Jeena Sikha De Lyrics

In the melodic world of music, some lyrics transcend mere words to become anthems of inspiration. Enter the realm of “Jeena Sikha De Lyrics,” where each verse echoes with the essence of living life to the fullest. These lines have become the heartbeat of many, especially resonating with the vibrant youth of India. With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube amplifying their reach, it’s no wonder that these lyrics have become a sensation, sparking creativity in the form of reels and covers.

phir wahin se kar shuroo
kee jahaan toone khatam
daastaan-e-saphar rooth kar

ye jo hoon vo main nahin
kah raha mere kadam
aa chale phir usi raah par

ae khuda yaar se tu mila de
hansana sikhaade de
jeena sikha de

ro rha dil mera
baarishon mein hansana sikha de
jeena sikha de

shaamein vahee din vahee hai
sanse hai par dil nahin hai
baabon ka main kya karunga
inme agar too nahin hai

hai khafa jis baat par
rubaru aa baat kar
main bikhar na jaoon haar kar

ae khuda yaar se tu mila de
hansana sikha de
jeena sikha de

hai vahee to mera is jahaan mein
hasana sikha de
jeena sikha de

jeena sikha de


Unveiling the Essence: Jeena Sikha De Lyrics

“Jeena Sikha De Lyrics” encapsulate the spirit of resilience, urging listeners to embrace life’s challenges with courage and determination. Each line is a gentle reminder that amidst the chaos, there lies an opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. It’s a call to break free from the shackles of fear and uncertainty, and to dance in the rhythm of life with unwavering faith.

Conclusion: Jeena Sikha De Lyrics

In a world inundated with noise, “Jeena Sikha De Lyrics” emerge as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Their meteoric rise to fame on social media platforms is a testament to their profound impact on the hearts and minds of millions. As they continue to echo in our ears and resonate in our souls, may they remind us to embrace each moment with grace, courage, and an unwavering zest for life. After all, in the melody of existence, it is these lyrics that teach us the art of living.