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Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics
Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics


Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics, We welcome, music enthusiasts, to our lyrical haven! Today, we delve into the melodic universe crafted by the talented singer Gyanender Sardhana. His latest musical endeavor promises a harmonious blend of soul-stirring vocals, profound lyrics, and mesmerizing compositions.

Re thake apna taam jhaam ikatta karle
Re asmaan m na udh per jami pe darle
Tod mhare shikanje se ib tanne koun bachevega
Maara javega tu jaldi maara javega
Koun bachevega tanne koun bachevega

Arey jigar aale ho se jo sher ke shami tikte hai

Re tere jese gunde toh 500 m bikte hai
Arey tu toh chotta motta hawabaaj hai bete
India se America tak mera raaj hai bete

mahari dekh sampark suchi system tera heel javega
Maara javega tu jaldi mara javega
Koun bachevega tanne koun bachevega

maka kuc kutto ke bhokhne s sher nhi darte
Jab chidhya khet chugjave fer pachtawa ni karte

Arey tera hi koi khash mne tere raaj batave se
Maka ghar ka hi bhedi sada yo lanka davee se
Tod: re ib teri mout ka saya tere ser par chavega
Maara javega tu jaldi maara javega
Koun bachevega re tanne koun bachevega

hum gande Balak hmse tu duri banake tu rahiye
Re chaddar ke barabar per pasare ne chahiye

Bhavya Sharma dabke ni rhti sare ma halla gyenender sardhana jo karta karta khulam khulla
Naam ankit pabla ak garg yuhi shor machvegaaa

Mara javega tu jaldi mara javega
Koun bachevega tanne koun bachvega

Song Name Mara Javega
Singer Gyanender sardhana
Lyrics Ankit Pabla & AK Garg
Music Saif Studio
Dop / Edit & DiRachit baisla
Director Bhavya sharma
ProducerBhavya Sharma
StarringBhavya Sharma & Aakash Gujjar

Meet the Maestros: Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics

Gyanender Sardhana, the voice behind the magic, joins forces with lyricists Ankit Pabla and AK Garg to weave tales of emotion and resonance. The result is a musical tapestry that captivates the heart and soul. Saif Studio takes the lead in creating the enchanting music that serves as the backdrop for these lyrical masterpieces.

Behind the Lens: Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics

Every visual element of this musical saga is brought to life through the lens of the talented Rachit Baisla. His skills in cinematography, editing, and color grading ensure that the accompanying visuals are as captivating as the music itself.

Direction and Production: Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics

Bhavya Sharma, both director and producer of this musical odyssey, spearheads the creative vision. With a keen eye for detail, Bhavya ensures that every frame and note align seamlessly to create an immersive experience. The stellar cast, featuring Bhavya Sharma and Aakash Gujjar, adds a charismatic touch to the narrative, bringing the lyrics to life through their on-screen performances.

The Journey Unfolds: Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics

Gyanender Sardhana’s musical prowess, coupled with the poetic brilliance of Ankit Pabla and AK Garg, promises to take you on an emotional journey. Saif Studio’s musical arrangements serve as the perfect canvas for these heartfelt expressions. As you immerse yourself in the melodies, Rachit Baisla’s visual storytelling and Bhavya Sharma’s direction enhance the overall experience.

Conclusion: Kuch Kutto Ke Bhokne Se Lyrics

In the realm of music, where every note is a brushstroke and every lyric a profound stroke of the pen, Gyanender Sardhana’s latest creation stands tall. Together with a team of exceptionally talented individuals, he invites you to embark on a journey of emotions, love, and life through the harmonious fusion of melody and verse.

Stay tuned, dear readers, as the collaboration of Gyanender Sardhana, Ankit Pabla, AK Garg, Saif Studio, Rachit Baisla, and Bhavya Sharma unfolds before your eyes and ears. Let the music speak, and the lyrics resonate in your heart.