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Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics
Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics


Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics is a captivating song that transcends boundaries with its powerful lyrics and soulful melody. Sung, written, and composed by the talented Dhanda Nyoliwala, with music by Matty Made It, the song encapsulates raw emotions and human experiences. Released under the banner of Fararmy Productions and brought to life through the captivating visuals directed by Sudip Bista, “Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics” has become an anthem of resilience and introspection.

Kan Tutte Bande Rave Mitran Ki Gail
Zindagi Te Maut Ke Bichale Khelon Khail

Jonsa Pe Kare Baithe Karen Itbaar Tun
Main Barat Ke Dekhe Ye Re Dilan Main Nahi Tel

Tere College Ke Bahr Khadi Mitran Ki Thara
Minute La Char Dekh Aaja Billo Bahar

Gaam Re Ghuma Dyon, Tana Khet Re Dekha Dyon
Tube Wellan Pe Aaja Tane Pani Re Peyan Dyon

Takanya Te Ucha Josa Suit Hova Hai
Aaja Tera Chori Re Woh Suit Bhi Sima Dun

Meri Jaan Ke Aan Sare Billo Saare Darzi

Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Toh Teri Marzi
Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Toh Teri Marzi
Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Toh Teri Marzi

Parwah Nai Yaar Ne Tuh Bombay Hai Ke Delhi
Seher Tera Phukh Dena Laake Billo Tili

Jisse Lachan He Mere Manne Jach Ri Ah Re
Lane Ave Gi Re Manne Batti Laal Nili

Weekend Datt Kholan Bottlan Ke Ni
Hold Apa Kar Deon Phone Utha Ke Ni

Nasha Buri Chez Hai Re Kade Na Kron
Main Piya Karun Jama Ohk Lake Ni

Phire Gi Chattandi Nimbu Dahi Re Khawandi
Nalkyan Ke Niche Adhi Ratan Ne Navandi

Babbe Bhi Ni Uten Ge Re Teri Arzi

Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Tun Teri Marzi
Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Tun Teri Marzi
Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Tun Teri Marzi

Main Gira Hoya Banda Jama Nichh Baliye
Uran Ke Siran Pe Nahi Rich Baliye

Nyoliwala Rap Is Tarian Kare
Jeon Deve Ahi Owai Si Ni Speech Baliye

Mere Baran Pe Bhokh Kutti Fame Aali Re
Main Dinam Ghuma Di Sui Tame Aali Re

Haryanvi Hip Hop Thapi Maar Ke Ne Khush
Tere Yaar Pe Kaman Rap Game Ali Re

Day To Re Night Mere Left Tere Right
Karde Phirein Hain Sale Manne Back Bite

Bass Issi Chez Ki Hai Yaara Ne Allergy

Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Toh Teri Marzi
Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Toh Teri Marzi
Pher Bhi Pasand Hun Toh Teri Marzi

SongUp To U
Singer/Lyrics/Composer :Dhanda Nyoliwala
MusicMatty Made It
VideoSudip Bista
Music LabelFararmy Productions

Lyrical Explanation: Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics

The lyrics of “Main Gira Hoya Banda” delve deep into the psyche of a person who has faced numerous trials and tribulations in life. The phrase “main gira hoya banda jama nich baliye lyrics” itself translates to “I am a fallen man,” reflecting a sense of vulnerability and humility. Throughout the song, the protagonist reflects on their journey, acknowledging the setbacks and struggles they have encountered. Yet, amidst the hardships, there is a profound sense of determination and hope.

The verses paint vivid imagery of resilience and perseverance, as the protagonist navigates through life’s challenges. Lines such as “Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics” (I stayed awake all night, pondering the path of life) and “main gira hoya banda jama nich baliye lyrics” (No one understood me, yet I endured everyone) resonate deeply with listeners, evoking empathy and understanding.

The chorus Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics serves as a reminder of the human spirit’s resilience, with the repetition of “Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics, uth ke khada ho gaya” (I, a fallen man, rose up again). It reflects the universal truth that setbacks are not the end but rather opportunities for growth and transformation. The song celebrates the strength found in vulnerability and the courage to rise above adversity.

Melodic Brilliance: Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics

Accompanying the main gira hoya banda jama nich baliye lyrics is the melodic brilliance crafted by Matty Made It. The music complements the emotional depth of the song, with its soul-stirring composition and arrangement. The use of acoustic instruments combined with subtle electronic elements creates a mesmerizing soundscape that envelops the listener.

The melody ebbs and flows, mirroring the highs and lows of the protagonist’s journey. From gentle acoustic guitar strums to powerful crescendos, each note resonates with emotion, drawing the listener deeper into the narrative. The arrangement is masterfully executed, allowing the vocals to take center stage while enhancing the overall impact of the song.

Conclusion: Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics

“Main Gira Hoya Banda Lyrics” is more than just a song; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Through its heartfelt lyrics, melodic brilliance, and captivating visuals, the song invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys and find strength in vulnerability. Dhanda Nyoliwala’s powerful rendition, coupled with Matty Made It’s soulful music and Sudip Bista’s evocative visuals, makes “Main Gira Hoya Banda” a timeless masterpiece that continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.